The Canadian Coalition for Homeopathy launched in April 2022. The mission of the coalition is to bring together patient associations, homeopathic practitioners, researchers and industry stakeholders who wish to promote homeopathy in Canada and preserve the freedom of choice in medicine.




Educate the public on the many benefits of homeopathy

Debunk false information about homeopathy

Dive into the research supporting the efficacy of homeopathy

Defend and promote the access to homeopathic medicines in Canada


To be a unified voice for Homeopathy in Canada. To be the reference for the defense and promotion of homeopathy in Canada and for the preservation and up-holding of an individual’s freedom of choice for those seeking a different approach to healthcare and self-care.

Who We Are

The Canadian Coalition of Homeopathy is passionate about Homeopathy and advocating for patients to have natural options for their healthcare choices. We work with industry leaders, professional homeopaths, all healthcare providers, patient and citizen organizations and unite in an effort to promote the use of homeopathy in Canada. The Canadian Coalition of Homeopathy will hereby work towards preserving and maintaining patient, citizen, and health practitioners individual rights to freedom of choice in healthcare.


 We envision a future where homeopathy is an integral part of health care opportunities for Canadians

Homeopathy Webseries

A series of 6 episodes that will give you the right side of homeopathy. Interviews, research, facts, for a different look at homeopathy.


  • An article entitled “What if we talked about homeopathy… ” and signed by two expertsChristiane Laberge, MD, family physician, communicator and health speaker and, in research collaboration, Rachel Roberts, CEO of the Homeopathy Research Institute (HRI) in the United Kingdom, has just been published in the Winter 2023 edition of Montréal en santé magazine,Montréal en santé is distributed, amongst other things, in the health network in Montreal and throughout Quebec and in the general public.

    To consult the article on pages 12 & 13, on which “homeopathy is addressed in the integrative approach of health and vision of diseases”, and the edition in its entirety:

    V15N1 Hiver | Winter 2023 by Montréal enSanté – Issuu,

  •  What is homeopathy and can it fit into your regimen? An article by Karen Robock

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